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IT Foundation

new2-150x150  After the independence of Bangladesh, and the lack of open unemployment, we are going to fight to free IT that form the foundation of that line.

IT A full social charity foundation. Currently in our country, the number of unemployed continues to rise. The young unemployed youth to take advantage of a free country and Bangladesh as our goal to build. All of us have been working aitiphaundesanera uddyese golden outline implementation.

The Eye. The Foundation website, Facebook group and training directly through the center of the free web design, graphics design, computer networking and  hardware training of unemployed youth through training diccheamara believe these will be self-sufficient society.

It is going to work on some of aitiphaundesana

1. I .T all of the company’s  interest to combine.

II. Unemployed youth employment opportunities through training and outsourcing.

3medhabi poor children, and a variety of information technology in the madrasa  of the education provided.

For many of us need to fund these operations, now we have to start from one’s income. I wish you all the help and cooperation, the sahayatai hopefully we can reach our goal.

Paradhinatara have escaped from the war, we all come together, we will make our country free from unemployment and poverty.

Aitiphaundesana just working for the country and its people, a beautiful country and the people given the gift of a new generation of our commitment

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